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New Jersey
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  • Coronavirus (COVID-19) InformationTo better prepare our first responders, protect our residents and to best understand the needs of our community we are asking ANY member of our community who has tested positive for COVID-19 or is under quarantine as directed by their healthcare provider to voluntarily send their information securely via email to our public safety officials. We are not asking for anyone who is experiencing signs or symptoms as they are asked to contact their healthcare provider for evaluation. This is a voluntary submission of ONLY those in the community who have tested positive for COVID-19 or who are under quarantine orders by their healthcare provider. Your information will only be used in the emergency response or emergency management settings. It cannot and will not be shared for any other purposes. We encourage your submissions and thank you for helping us safely protect our community. Please send your name, age, address and when and where you were tested positive or directed to quarantine. You can send your information securely to or call 609-926-7978.