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  • Police Department - Firearms Applications

    A Linwood resident who wishes to apply for an INITIAL Firearms Identification Card and a Pistol Permit must complete the following: 

    1. Pick up an application and an Agency Case Number.
    2. Complete the MorphoTrust USA application and make appointment for your fingerprinting. (A $52.69 fee will apply.)
    3. Complete and return all other paperwork in the application packet to the Linwood Police Department. 
    4. Applicants will be contacted by the Detective Bureau when the Firearms Investigation is complete.

    All DUPLICATE Firearms Identification Cards (You moved or lost or destroyed your card.) or NON-INITIAL Pistol Permit Applicants must complete the following: 

    1. Pick up a Non-Initial Application and an Agency Case Number.
    2. Go online to and complete the online 212A Form (A $20.00 credit card or electronic check fee will apply) using the following information:

      Linwood Police Department ORI:  NJ0011400
      Purpose:  NJS 2C:58-3 Firearms Licensing
      You will be asked for your SBI#
    3. Complete and return application packet.